How to make Shyloh's Cannabis Tea that treated her cancer, epilepsy, cerebal palsy, strokes, and brain injury.

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Arbeit Macht Frei (von Tod)*

Work makes one free (from death)

Shyloh developed terminal cancer while still in her mother's womb.
As documented in the medical literature, doctors routinely lie to patients with terminal cancer and do not diagnose them.
German doctors therefore hid Shyloh's cancer, cerebal palsy and epilepsy from her parents by falsifying her medical records and reports.
The doctors attempted to secretly murder Shyloh at two months old by collapsing her brain with a lumbar puncture.
She survived five days after the procedure; as she was near death with what should have been her final seizure,

Shyloh was adminsted Cannabis tincture. (She received two doctor prescriptions for the THC.)

Shyloh lived.

Shyloh 1

Over 30 different Cannabis strains were tried for her treatment;
a Himalayan landrace Cannabis Sativa, combined with other strains, achieved full control of her Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy,
and also put the Stage Four metastasized brain cancer into complete remission.

This documentary is about Shyloh's amazing survival,
and about the battle between the German doctors who want to murder her and cover it up, and her parents who want to save her life.

That battle continues to this day.

Download (for free) the entire documentary about Shyloh's
treatment for cancer, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and strokes:


We would like to thank Brian & Simone at the Healthcure for their life-saving Pre-Mixed Tincture which, when mixed with hemp tincture, kept Shyloh alive during the worst part of her illness.
We would also like to thank them for their CBD Oil, which we add to Shyloh's medicine for better control of her medical conditions.

We will be uploading more content to the website in the weeks ahead, including copies of her falsified medical records, and the tests & documents that show how cannabis treated / cured her conditions without any Western medical intervention. Please stay tuned.


*The infamous "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign of Auschwitz summed up the mindset of early 20th century eugenicists, and was used by American eugenicists to design the United States hospital system--a system quickly adopted by the rest of the world (which is now known as the Western Medical System). The eugenicist hospital model determined which patients would be diagnosed and treated, and which patients would have treatment and diagnosis withheld so they would die from their diseaeses.
This system was incorporated into the German hospital system in the 1920s.
The Germans used the American eugenicist model for their selection criteria in concentration camps: as long as a prisoner was healthy enough to work, he would be spared from death. The Nazis were obsessed with determining which prisoners should be sent to death.
"Arbeit Macht Frei" remains the current criteria used by hospitals in the Western Medical System to determine which patients will be diagnosed and treated, and which patients will have treatment and diagnosis withheld so they will die from their diseaeses. The role of doctors within this system is to identify the unhealthy and mark them for elimination through intentional denial of care.

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