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How doctors intentionally murder Cerebral Palsy infants through denial of care

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Moment of Grace

We came in PEACE,
You returned WAR;
We offered you LOVE,
You returned HATE;
We acted with His WISDOM,
You acted from your IGNORANCE;

Jake and Shyloh

He Who Saves One Life Saves The World Entire

July 24, 2015: Despite having submitted indisputable evidence to the U.N. Human Rights Council that German doctors made multiple attempts to murder my daughter Shyloh as part of a secret international post-birth abortion system for disabled infants, the U.N. has refused under any condition to respond to our requests for confirmation of our complaint. There is no doubt that the U.N. is preventing our complaint from being properly reviewed, which not only violates their Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but also their alleged reason for existence. We also contacted Russian President Putin and his U.N. Representative, His Excellency Mr. Alexey Borodavkin, and they too have not responded. Our complaint was also sent by registered express mail to the U.N. Secretary General in New York, and again, no response.

Despite every system in the Western world trying to block us--judicial, medical, govermental, religious, and the press--we will not stop. These children have a right to life and a right to their medicine. The killing of children must stop, and it must stop now. As the U.N., our last vehicle for justice, appears to be a neutered and fictitious entity never meant to provide justice, we will continue advocating for the innocent children who have been murdered, and are currently being murdered, across the world's hospital systems. We will continue putting out Truth and reminding the world's leaders about their responsibility to fulfill the treaties and laws of their countries, as well as the expectations of the people under their charge.

We put our letters to the world leaders here, so you can know which leaders knew about the killing and did nothing.

This site is here for the rare individual who wants to find Truth. If you go through everything in the website, you will find Truth. And what is it? That there are two worlds: the official world for the masses, in which individuals are severely punished for any infraction of the law; and the secret world just for the elites, in which there are no laws and individuals can do anything they want with impunity. Our request is merely that the elites be held to the same moral standards as the rest of us. By performing your crimes in secrecy, you act as if you were doing something wrong. As if you were hiding something. fI you feel justified in killing our children in your hospitals, at least tell us why. Come out in the open and let us know your reasoning. Explain to us why expediency and profit are more important to you than our individual human lives. Explain to us why your Greater Good is worth the intentional murder of our children.

Jake Sturm, on behalf of my daughter, Shyloh Sturm, and all the other children

1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

* As of May 27, 2015: Given the refusal of the entire Israeli goverment to return our emails about the serious human rights abuses occurring in German hospitals, it is clear that Israel's silence has been bought by Germany and the USA.

We have, therefore, turned over our evidence to the United Nations Human Rights Council for their review and consideration.

Below are our (unanswered) letters to Israeli President Rivlin, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli Ambassadors to Germany (Mr. Hadas-Handelsman) and Holland (Mr. Divon), and Israel's leading pro-medical cannabis MP (Ms. Tamar Zandberg).

NOTE: The file with additional evidence, that is mentioned in the email to the PM's office, was never downloaded by the Israeli government.

The letters to these Israeli officials summarize the details of our case, and also reveal Israel’s refusal to investigate the crimes being committed by German doctors against Muslim, Jewish, and Slavic children. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has already allowed several months to go by without putting an end to these crimes.

Letter to President Rivlin -- May 11, 2015

Dear President Rivlin,

Mr. President, it is within your power to commute the sentences of civilians. German doctors have sentenced my two-year-old Jewish daughter Shyloh (שילה) to death by slow, agonizing torture over several months. We have contacted Prime Minister Netanyahu about her case. One week after the election, the Prime Minister’s office passed the case on to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for investigation. Unfortunately, for two months the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has refused to contact us, and two Israeli Ambassadors, whom we asked for help in regard to this problem, are also not responding to us. With Mr. Lieberman suddenly resigning from his post, I am contacting you, as you are the only official left in the Israeli government who can help us commute Shyloh’s death sentence. We implore you, please, to help us save our daughter’s life.

Because my daughter, who was born in Germany, was Jewish and had advanced cancer, she was sentenced to death in 2013 by the German medical system. German doctors hid her cancer, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and strokes so they would not have to diagnose her, and all of her medical records and test reports were falsified. As the doctors well knew, by not diagnosing Shyloh there would be no treatment for her, and without treatment she would most certainly die the way all these babies do: slowly, over months, from the most agonizing, horrendous seizures. Parents of these babies can only helplessly watch their children suffer and die, unable to get even palliative care from the eugenicist medical system. As I have epilepsy myself, I can tell you that the seizures feel like electric shocks passing through the body—similar to getting shocked from an electrical outlet. For my daughter during her first few months of life, with no diagnosis or treatment by the German doctors, it was like being tortured with electric shocks over and over, hundreds of times each day. The seizures eventually became so powerful that she lost consciousness, only to wake again to the same agonies. She could not sleep, ever. She could barely suckle. There is no question that my daughter had awareness of her suffering and remembered her pain, despite being a newborn.

This slow, painful death was the sentence given to my daughter by German doctors when they and their staff hid her illness from my wife and me. Over a nine-month period, the actions of the Germans were carefully coordinated across three hospitals and multiple clinics, following well established protocols, which proves that withholding diagnosis to euthanize infants is a widespread, endemic part of their medical system. As doctors in two other countries (Switzerland and the USA) were also involved, the entire Western medical system is obviously an international system designed to slaughter any “defective” or “undesirable” minorities, with such crimes being easily hidden through records falsification, denial of diagnosis and treatment, and by providing legitimate care for the “non-defective” individuals who make up the majority of the patients. Below are the details of Shyloh’s case, which will prove that this is true.

When our daughter went into a coma at two months old, and we brought her to the hospital in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, doctors told us that our child was sleeping and there was nothing wrong with her. Instead of trying to save her, the German doctors performed a lumbar puncture—a procedure which they knew would kill a baby with brain tumors like Shyloh’s. While the procedure caused massive damage to her brain, she did not die right away and survived for four days in the hospital. Tired of waiting, the doctors let us go home with our dying child. As I have advanced medical training, I went to our family doctor and immediately obtained a prescription for THC, beginning the treatment of Shyloh’s epilepsy with cannabis. Six days after the procedure, Shyloh had a massive seizure that lasted over five minutes and put her into cardiac arrest. By a miracle, my wife and I were able to revive her at home; the cannabis protected her brain from the damage done by the lumbar puncture and seizures, and protected her heart during the cardiac arrest, so she survived her first visit to the modern German gas chambers.

Desperate to save my daughter’s life, I developed a new protocol for dosing, using special cannabis strains not available in the West to successfully treat her cancer, stroke, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and brain injury. Her metastasized cancer is now in complete remission, and she is fully treated but delayed by six months. Her medical conditions are all defined as 100% untreatable by current Western medicine, but if the Truth of Shyloh’s story were known to the millions suffering and dying from conditions like cancer, who are currently having treatment withheld from them, their lives could also be saved. If the Israeli government were to help Shyloh, not only would other patients have access to her cannabis strains and dosing protocol, but humankind’s knowledge of medicine would advance exponentially. No one would die from these conditions anymore. People would have Hope.

As German doctors hid my daughter’s cancer from us, we did not know that the lumbar puncture was done to euthanize her. Therefore, still believing that the doctors were trying to treat Shyloh, we brought her to another German hospital (LMU’s epilepsy center in Munich) at three months old. At LMU, doctors took her into a closed room and made a second attempt to euthanize her, sticking a large needle through her skull and into her brain without anesthesia. Her screaming could be heard from one end of the hall to the other. They did the procedure when I left the ward, and I only returned just as they finished—too late to stop it. Once again, Shyloh’s cannabis medicine saved her from the German death chambers.

In LMU, Shyloh and her mother were assigned to a special locked ward in which all the patients were non-German and mostly Muslim. The babies in this ward were in horrendous condition; in some cases, newborns were seizing so violently that they wore eye patches or hand mittens to protect themselves from injury. It is likely that the German medical system uses such wards to concentrate the foreign children they intend to euthanize. It appears that instead of using large concentration camps, they are now using small wards hidden within hospitals across Germany. This would be a modern continuation of the Nazi program to euthanize the disabled (which, it is well-documented, came originally from American eugenicists in the 1920s).

When Shyloh was seven months old, LMU doctors gave us an appointment that was clearly meant to kidnap and kill her by removing her from her lifesaving medicine. We fled to Switzerland—only to have Swiss neurologists cover-up their German colleagues’ attempted murder by falsifying Shyloh’s medical records and reporting us to child services. Now, both German and Swiss doctors, who all knew that Shyloh’s medicine was keeping her alive, were trying to murder her by hiding her illness and calling our cannabis treatment abuse—despite our prescriptions for THC from two family doctors.

Obviously, cannabis prohibition is being used to murder children like Shyloh. With such fabricated “drug” charges, the German and Swiss doctors had full legal control to seize our daughter and do anything they wanted to her (they had already experimented on her at LMU). As we had no diagnosis, and only falsified medical reports, we knew that our daughter was in grave danger, the German and Swiss doctors hunting for her. With no way to protect her, we went to the Israeli Embassy in Bern, Switzerland with our evidence. We asked for permission to bring Shyloh to Israel with her medicine, as well as protection until we could get that permission. Despite both my wife and I being Jewish by Israeli law, the embassy refused to help us and threw us onto the street with our evidence and dying child.

We then contacted two American pediatric neurologists for an honest, truthful reading of our daughter’s MRI. After receiving a copy of the test, and realizing what had been done to Shyloh, the doctors stopped returning our emails and phone calls. Two other American doctors agreed to read her MRI, but their report was also falsified to hide the crimes committed by the German doctors. Indisputably, there is an endemic, worldwide system of medical records/ autopsy falsification that enables doctors to do anything they want to patients without any checks or balances. This system puts all of us in danger. (I can provide further evidence of this system with my 2010 MRI report, which was written by an American doctor and is also falsified like Shyloh’s. This report was meant to cover up my systemic sarcoidosis, which I developed in 1990 after I was exposed to sarin gas in the First Gulf War as a US Army Officer.)

How is it possible that I can provide indisputable evidence to the Israeli government of a worldwide system of medical records falsification, allowing doctors to euthanize children with impunity, and two months later I have not even been contacted about this case? How can Israel fail so catastrophically to protect its citizens in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA—to say nothing of all the Jewish non-citizens in the Diaspora—by not investigating? Why does the Israeli government treat a mother, whose child survived multiple murder attempts, and who was brutally thrown out of an Israeli embassy while begging for help for her dying child, with such contempt and disgust that they will not even tell her whether they are going to investigate the case?

All I ask is for a truthful, honest reading of my child’s MRI and EEGs, and a forensic analysis of those tests to determine in what ways she was harmed by the lumbar and ventricular punctures. By speaking the truth about what is in my daughter’s MRI, Israel can finally destroy an evil that even the loss of 80 million souls in WWII could not stop.

Is Israel only capable of fighting evil through violence? Is Israel totally incapable of fighting evil through Truth and Righteousness?

The souls of our Six Million Jewish ancestors—and all those since, who fought and died to protect Israel and to make her a haven for the Jewish people—await your response.

I thank you for your time.

Jake Sturm, Shyloh’s father

P.S.— I have attached copies of the letters that I sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu and to the Israeli Germany and Netherlands Ambassadors.


Letter to Israeli Netherlands Ambassador Haim Divon -- 04/24/2015

Dear Ambassador Haim Divon,


We are contacting you because my wife and I are Jewish and we are currently in the Netherlands. Seven weeks ago, we sent evidence to Prime Minister Netanyahu (see attached) proving that the Nazi program to euthanize/murder disabled children is still running in German hospitals, focusing on foreign children, mostly Muslim but including Jewish and Eastern European children. We also sent a copy of a documentary detailing how the secret program operates (you can watch it at if you wish). Five weeks ago, the office of the Prime Minister forwarded our evidence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As of today, we still have not even received a confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that they have received our evidence. While I understand that the Ministry is very busy, I cannot comprehend how such serious charges can be ignored. Nearly two weeks ago, we sent a follow-up email to the Prime Minister’s office with a link to additional evidence and also reminded them that our daughter desperately needs medical care, which she cannot get that until this case is resolved. The additional evidence has not even been downloaded, which makes it appear as if the Israeli government has absolutely no intention of investigating and is only delaying us until after political coalitions are formed.

The Prime Minister’s office gave me no contact information for their office or the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I do not speak Hebrew and cannot find any direct email address for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Can you please give me a contact email within the Ministry, or act as my liaison, so I can confirm whether or not Israel is investigating these charges? From what my wife and I observed in the German hospitals, children are being brutally killed and mercilessly experimented on; every day that nothing is done, more children are harmed.  All I am asking is that the Israeli government investigates these violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and several other international treaties, signed by both Israel and Germany. These children’s lives, and the lives of millions of others, are now in Israel's hands. The only question is, what will Israel's ministers do? Will they let them die, as occurred during the Holocaust, or will they fulfill their moral and legal obligations and save them? Which will you choose? The children are waiting for an answer

Thank you very much for your time,

Jake Sturm

Letter to Israeli German Ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman -- 04/24/2015

Dear Ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman,

Below is an email that I have sent to Ambassador Haim Divon that discusses an investigation into a serious threat to the lives of the Jewish population in Germany. As it is your responsibility to protect that population, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have contacted you and provided you with the full details of this situation weeks ago. Therefore, I am forwarding this email to you to keep you updated about the situation.

Thank you for your time.

Jake Sturm


Letter to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Office-- 04/08/2015

To Whom It May Concern,


It has been over two weeks since your office forwarded my letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I have still not received a confirmation from that office that anyone is even aware of my situation.

This problem with my daughter Shyloh needs to be resolved as soon as possible, as her life is at stake. She had advanced cancer, and she currently has severe epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Despite the seriousness of these medical conditions, Shyloh has never been treated for any of these conditions by any doctor. Her heart and kidneys were likely damaged by the cancer, and they have never been properly examined. She had advanced bone cancer, and I have no idea how well her bones have been healing.

Perhaps your office is not understanding the seriousness of this situation. Due to the falsification of Shyloh's medical reports and records by German, Swiss and American doctors, no doctor in the world will diagnose or treat her—as that would give proof of an international conspiracy to falsify medical reports and records in order to withhold diagnoses from specific groups of patients. Diagnosing Shyloh would also reveal the secret, worldwide system of post-birth abortion that allows doctors to murder babies without the parents' knowledge or permission—a practice that clearly threatens Jewish children around the world.

By falsifying my daughter's medical records and denying her the right to medical treatment, the German doctors have sentenced my daughter to death. Shyloh falls further and further behind in her physical development because she has had no physical therapy for her strokes or cerebral palsy. In the womb, her front teeth were destroyed by the cancer; they have now disintegrated to the gums, with the roots exposed. Her nasal passages were destroyed by the cancer, and she has breathing problems. She requires therapy to learn how to eat solid food and how to feed herself. Clearly, she desperately needs proper medical care. But with no one willing to give an honest reading of her MRI, and with no country willing to treat her, I can do nothing but treat her myself as best as I am able. If there were a way to resolve these problems, I would immediately make arrangements to take Shyloh out of Europe to a place where she could get proper care.

I left out a few documents from the DVD I sent to you. If there is someone in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who is investigating our case, who would like additional evidence of the international conspiracy to deny diagnosis to patients through the falsification of medical records, they can download this file. It contains emails from Swiss doctors who lied about Shyloh's condition, conspiring to deny her care and murder her by removing her from her medicine; there is also Shyloh's falsified MRI report from two doctors in the USA, and other relevant records:

The Jews living in Europe and America must be protected from these violations of their human rights. Such crimes against humanity were supposed to have been removed from Western hospitals after WWII; yet, to judge from the evidence I have given you, the system has been left in place for over 70 years. If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not want to investigate our case, can you please ask them to have the courtesy to let us know that, so we can pursue other means to stop these human rights violations and get these children proper medical care.

Thank you very much for your valuable time,

Jake Sturm

Response from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Office -- 03/23/2015


Quoting Prime Minister's Office :

Dear Mr. Strum, We acknowledge receipt of your letter of complaint dated March 4, 2015, to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and have noted its contents. Your letter has been forwarded to the relevant officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their attention and consideration. With best wishes for your daughter's good health and full recovery, Sincerely, Public Affairs Department Prime Minister's Office 


Public Affairs Department

Prime Minister's Office

Original Letter To Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's Office -- 03/04/2015


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