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[Below is a description of how the medical system hid my illness from me for eighteen years. I wrote this for an editor at the New York Times, who refused to investigate any part the story). It explains the four great myths of the medical system that allow doctors to hide their crimes of mass murder.]

How is it that someone with an IQ in the top 2% of the human population and a degree in Psychology did not realize that he was being lied to by over 80 doctors over a period of 18 years? The answer is that I had made certain false assumptions that prevented me from seeing what was, literally, right in front of me. Here are the four most important ones:

  1. Medical tests themselves, such as photos of the brain in an MRI, are of course totally objective. On the other hand, the medical test reports, which are written by doctors, are totally subjective (which is why, in court cases, medical experts for the defense and the prosecution regularly interpret diagnostic test evidence differently). The objectivity of the diagnostic tests, themselves, gave me the mistaken assumption that the written reports are also objective, and so I never questioned their validity. Thus, when doctors’ written medical reports told me for 18 years that everything was “normal,” I believed them: that my body must be “normal.” I believed this, even though the undiagnosed, untreated granulomas (tumors) growing in my body were giving me severe migraines, excruciating joint pain, memory loss, breathlessness, severe muscle spasms, constant brain fog, etc. I actually have an MRI from a Bozeman, Montana neurologist, taken in 2010, that shows advanced sarcoid lesions (tumors) throughout my skull and sarcoidosis in the lining of my brain. The MRI shows multiple venous strokes, severe edema (water) in the brain, and tumors that blocked drainage from one side of my brain and was about to block the other side. When that “normal” MRI was taken, I actually had less than a year to live (I started medicinal cannabis shortly after that, which is why I am alive to write this). Despite all the abnormalities in my MRI, its written report says that the MRI is completely “normal,” i.e. it was falsified to hide my illness, so the tumors would continue to grow and kill me (there is simply no other reason to falsify the report, and this is supported by other evidence that I am not giving for brevity). Based on that MRI report I assumed my brain was normal, leading me to stop seeing neurologists and to stop seeking medical treatment. Had I not started cannabis, the result of that falsification would have been my getting a fatal stroke within a few months.
  2. Perhaps the most powerful false assumption I had is that disease is supposed to be “hard to diagnose,” and it is only through advanced medical testing that one can identify the cause of illness (think of the TV show “House” as a good example of the propaganda for this myth). This is what doctors tell patients. But if you were to read the medical school textbooks, you would see that this a complete and total lie, especially when it comes to brain injury. For example, if you look at this link, , you can see that each region of the brain creates very specific symptoms when injured i.e. symptoms always reflect the area of the brain injured. A medical student must memorize all these symptoms and what regions of the brain they are associated with. Doctors know this information as well as you know English grammar, i.e. they see it immediately and intuitively. Thus, the moment I (or my daughter) was seen by a doctor, the symptoms told them in one second what regions of the brain were injured, how serious those injuries were, what regions were affected, and the likely cause. In the case of both me and my daughter, tumors in the posterior fossa (bottom back of the skull) are the only possible cause. No MRI or diagnostic test was needed to know this. When doctors lied over the course of 18 years and told me my medical tests were all “normal,” telling me they did not know what was causing my condition, I assumed that the cause of my condition was something mysterious that could not be found. Imagine my shock when I recently realized that every doctor had known in one second what was causing my condition, but were intentionally hiding it from me.
  3. One of the most dangerous assumptions is that doctors are good, honest people who never lie. This leads one to believe that problems with the medical system are due to either incompetence, or, if clearly intentional, to “one bad apple.” But when you really think about it, we have nothing solid on which to base our beliefs that “doctors never lie.” We just assume that they don’t. It’s called blind trust. I sat there with doctors telling me the craziest things. When I developed double vision and lost vision on the periphery in my late 40s—classic symptoms of tumors in the posteror fossa—I actually had two separate doctors try to convince me that I was born this way and there was no new development of my condition. They tried to make me believe that I had just never noticed it (which made me assume, in turn, that they were just being “incompetent”). Kira witnessed this and dozens of other bizarre stories to hide what was actually causing my illness. Far worse than my doctors were my daughter’s doctors. Again, they told us crazy lies, like my daughter was in the “normal” 50% weight category when she was actually barely able to feed and in the 2% (she actually dropped off the chart after the second hospital visit). Far worse was when they sat there smiling at Kira and me, reassuring us that they would do everything in their power to help diagnose and treat our child, while in their minds they were studying her in the minutest detail to see the most efficient way to murder her. It was like the Twilight Zone episode, “How to Serve Man.” My daughter’s MRI was obviously taken to find out why their multiple murder attempts had failed (again, I have more evidence for this conclusion, but for brevity I will not include it here; the MRI did show that they could not fully collapse her brain because a tumor had attached her brain to the back of her skull; the cannabis had also protected and healed her brain after their attempts). These doctors had been carefully trained to lie without showing the slightest reaction or sign—no excessive blinking, no looking off to the side, no postural changes, etc. Simply terrifying that human beings, granted such power and responsibility, possess that ability. Trust me, you can’t tell they are lying except by rationally examining what they are saying.
  4. Diseases like cancer, stroke, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy are easily treatable. That is the final myth that the medical system wants us to believe—that “disease is hard to treat.” Diseases that are untreatable today were actually easily and routinely treated in the East for thousands of years. In the 19th century, colonizers demolished these medical systems, eliminating the most powerful medicine that humanity had developed: cannabis.

These four powerful false assumptions—that “medical test reports are objective,” that “disease is difficult to diagnose” and can only be determined by medical tests, that “doctors never lie,” and that “disease is hard to treat,” allowed doctors to hide my illness from me, and allows them to hide the illnesses of millions of others. It also makes patients 100% dependent on the medical system for treatment, replacing a thousands-year-old system of self-care—the very system I used to save my daughter’s life from the five critical conditions (metastasized cancer, stroke, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury) that their system cannot treat.

Clearly, if doctors in two separate countries, with two completely different patients  (ie, my daughter and me), are falsifying test reports and medical records, this must be a common practice. I also have a falsified report for an x-ray of Kira’s chest (again, it was the usual pattern: Kira went to a Bozeman pulmonologist with serious breathing trouble; she is sent home as “normal”; her so-called “normal” x-ray actually shows blatant lung scarring, injury, and edema from an old infection). There are also falsifications of my CT scans. With two doctors in the USA falsifying my daughter’s MRI to cover the crimes of the German doctors, one can only come to the logical conclusion that medical record falsification is endemic and international. By the doctors’ own admission in their medical literature, they hide terminal cancer from patients (I covered this in the video), which can only be done if there is an existing system of report/ records falsification. As the medical system has carefully eliminated symptom-based diagnosis, and now requires that diagnoses be based exclusively on test reports, doctors have been given total power over who is diagnosed and who is not. It is that simple. With doctors covering other doctors’ falsifications, they have power over life and death with no checks and balances. Unfortunately, as history has proven time and again, human beings are always corrupted by such power. Psychology has also proven this to be true (see for example , or the FBI director’s speech about the causes for the Holocaust at:

Another important part of the system is that it is purposely made to be so complex that even when it is explained to the average person, it is beyond their abilities to comprehend it. In this way, even if the entire system is exposed as has been done in this website, the average person still cannot understand it. A great example of this is Obamacare which is over 900 pages of legal language, with an estimated 11 million words. The entire bill cannot be understood by any human being alive, no less by the average U.S. citizen. Building a system in this way, the system can contain the most horrendous evil within it and the average person can never see it.

[Below is a short list giving more details on the medical system.]

1) Doctors routinely lie to patients and falsify their medical records; virtually everyone has been a victim of this fraud.

2) Radiologists routinely lie about the content of MRIs, CT scans, and x-rays; typically, they report such tests as “normal,” even when gross abnormalities are present. (Tests like MRIs or CT scans are objective; the reports about those tests, written by highly paid radiologists, are subjective and routinely falsified.)

3) As patients cannot read their own MRIs or CT scans, they can never know when they’re being lied to. Because patients can’t read diagnostic tests, nor officially diagnose themselves, doctors are able to pathologically lie to them without consequence. This lying has reached a world-wide, epic level.

4) Doctors lie in one of three ways: they tell a patient s/he is “normal,” they intentionally misdiagnose a patient with a minor ailment (such as the flu or acid reflux), or they diagnose a patient with a fake illness (such as “fibromyalgia” or “chronic fatigue syndrome”).

5) Once a patient is marked for death, all subsequent doctors must uphold the verdict and not reveal the truth about the patient’s illness—thus, all life-prolonging care is denied (this practice includes denying sick patients necessary appointments, diagnostic procedures, or lifesaving medical interventions).

6) Denial of care usually comes in the form of withholding diagnosis; without a diagnosis, a patient can’t receive any legal treatment for his illness.

7) Patients can only be placed on the death track by specialist doctors, such as neurologists, cardiologists, or pediatricians; these beings have full, legal control over our lives and deaths.

8) A doctor’s “incompetence” is actually his refusal to diagnose or treat a patient.

9) The doctors and administrators within the corrupt medical system rely on the BLIND TRUST of the masses to get away with their system of mass-deception. (Compare it to the blind trust that people had once put in priests.)

10) Patients are divided into two categories: the Treatable and the Untreatable. Patients who are not profitable to treat, or who are disabled from a chronic or terminal illness, are marked as Untreatable by specialist doctors and placed on a death track; these patients are intentionally not diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or told they’re “normal.”

11) Because medical specialists are the only experts who can vouch for the honesty of fellow doctors on witness stands and in press articles, patients have no way to expose the massive, endemic system of deceit and records falsification.

12) Autopsy reports are regularly falsified, making it easy to cover up murder; whistleblowers must face a hopelessly corrupt criminal justice system.

13) The current system of autopsy falsification means that cancer epidemics caused by pesticides or GMO foods can be easily hidden from the public.

14) By denying patients diagnoses, a government can save money by not having to give medical care to qualified citizens.

15) By denying veterans diagnoses, the military can save money by not having to grant medical discharges to legitimately sick or wounded soldiers.

16) Without an official diagnosis from a medical professional, a patient cannot treat his life-threatening illness with cannabis; literally, it is illegal for a person to save his own life with cannabis once a doctor has condemned him to death.

17) Anyone who comes out against medical cannabis favors the slaughter of the mentally and physically disabled, who need cannabis to stay alive.

18) When we are lied to by doctors, denied diagnosis, and prevented from treating our illnesses with the only medicine [cannabis] that can save our lives, our Universal Human Rights to life and medical care are being violated.

19) The falsification of reports extends beyond the health care industry into medical and scientific research; corruption and vested interests make it impossible to know what is actually safe or harmful for us to consume; all pharmaceutical and governmental safety claims should be considered suspect.