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[Below is a description of how the medical system murders children born with Cerebral Palsy by starving them to death through denial of care. I wrote this for an editor at the New York Times, who refused to investigate any part this story).]

Perhaps one of the most egregious and heart-breaking consequences of this falsification system is what happens to babies born with Cerebral Palsy. It usually takes pediatric neurologists a full two years to diagnose CP children. Just research it, you will see this is true. Even in the most severe cases it usually takes a minimum of six months for doctors to diagnose a child. Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition caused by brain injury and, as demonstrated by the article on brain trauma (which I linked above), can be recognized and diagnosed by a doctor in one second, as it has very specific, easily observable symptoms. As I have a child who was born with CP, I can tell you without a doubt that a doctor recognizes the physical symptoms of this condition from ten feet away, from the moment a child comes out of the womb. See the parent chat rooms for both epilepsy and CP infants, and you will read horror story after horror story of parents desperately going to doctors for months before getting a diagnosis. The parents believe it takes this long because doctors tell them that these diseases are “hard to diagnose”—but we now know that this is not true. If doctors recognize these babies in one second, why do they wait so long to diagnose them? Explore this simple question, and the evil of the system becomes very apparent.

In regard to CP, doctors’ refusal to diagnose results in the most horrendous and unnecessary suffering. To begin with, CP children’s throat and jaw muscles are almost always partially paralyzed ( ). This is true even in mild CP. It can take two to three hours to feed a CP baby, and even then they are usually malnourished and thin. As Western medicine has no treatment for CP, the only solution is a feeding tube, which is normally the only way to keep a child like my daughter alive. Shyloh survived without one because Kira went with less than one hour of non-continuous sleep a day for over two months, breast-feeding Shyloh in between her CP spasms. By doing this day and night, she kept our daughter alive. If I had not been retired, taking care of everything else in the home, Shyloh would have died at two months from starvation. Read the medical literature, and you will see that virtually every child with severe CP is severely malnourished by the time of diagnosis; doctors even have a term for this distinctive CP malnourishment. The children who make it to diagnosis are the lucky ones who had mothers like Kira. But it is easy to see that most parents are not in a position to maintain such an insanely difficult feeding schedule, and so many of these children obviously starve to death. I do not know what the falsified causes of death are in these cases—maybe “stroke” or “SIDS,” or possibly even “abuse”—but no matter, most parents cannot keep such a child alive by themselves. By withholding diagnosis as long as possible, doctors have designed a very easy, foolproof way to kill off many of these children. It is a system of pre-meditated murder that can never be detected or proven, especially if autopsy reports are falsified—as the doctor claimed they are in her article (that doctor’s open admission of systemic autopsy falsification can be found in our video) . It is a perfect system of serial murder by slow, agonizing death from starvation.

There is, of course, another benefit of withholding diagnosis (besides killing off a large number of undesirable CP children): by the time a child is finally diagnosed, the parents’ lives are destroyed. They have had no sleep; most of the marriages collapse; parents give tens of thousands of dollars to the medical system as they futilely take their children from doctor to doctor in search of an all-important Diagnosis. When they finally get that Diagnosis, they are in a state of total and absolute desperation. They have been helplessly watching their child going through the most agonizing pain for years, unable to alleviate it in any way. Imagine that. Parents are so grateful when their child is finally diagnosed that they will agree to anything the doctor says. Cut out half of the child’s brain? Sure. Give their children experimental drugs that will make them blind? Absolutely. You name it. No matter how Machiavellian it is, the parents are now so desperate that they will agree to any form of surgery or experimentation that the doctors want to do.

This is how Kira and I were sucked in. Delay of diagnosis gives doctors total and absolute power over these children. Shyloh is alive because we removed ourselves from the medical system and took back our power over our daughter. The doctors responded by trying to lure us back into the hospital for a fake physical therapy appointment, planning to seize her on false abuse claims in order to murder her (we possess clear evidence of this, including a half-finished draft medical record clearly made for an upcoming falsified autopsy report). At this point, the only way we could keep the doctors from killing our daughter was to actually leave the country and keep her completely out of the medical system. It has been over two years now. Because of the doctors’ falsified reports and refusal of diagnosis, our daughter—who managed to survive metastasized brain cancer without any help from the Western medical system—still hasn’t received any form of medical assistance. She is still small for her age. Her teeth are disintegrating. We have no idea as to the condition of her heart and kidneys or if the arteries in her brain that were torn apart from the doctors procedures will begin to bleed again. Without a diagnosis, Shyloh cannot legally get cannabis flowers or safely receive any form of treatment in the world. And that is our dilemma.