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January 10, 2016: After the US embassy and the FBI refused to protect Shyloh, we contacted my state senator, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has not responded to my letter. I then wrote President Obama on January 2, 2016. I am still waiting for his response. You can download the letter here, or read it at the bottom of this webpage.


September 20, 2015: Six weeks ago, we submitted by registered mail the following letter to James Comey, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). By FBI rules, they should have contacted us, assigned someone to oversee our case, given us a case ID number, and directed us to a victim assistance counselor. When they did not contact us by September 17, 2015, we went to our local U.S. embassy in Uruguay (where we are currently living), and I spoke to Consular Officer Corey Bordenkecher. After spending an hour explaining to Mr. Bordenkecher how doctors in three countries conspired to kill my daughter, and how, based on my training as a US Chemical Officer, I knew I had suffered the classic symptoms of espionage poisoning, Mr. Bordenkecher told me there was absolute nothing he could do to protect me or my family. His advice was that I take my daughter to the local hospital, though doctors in hospitals in three countries had already tried to murder her to cover up their colleagues’ crimes.

As there is no FBI liaison in Uruguay, Mr. Bordenkecher said that he would contact the closest one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, assuring me that he would get back to me immediately with the liaison's response (though he did not express much faith that the man would help me). Mr. Bordenkecher let me walk out of the embassy knowing full well that me, my daughter, and my wife might be murdered at any time. Two business days later, I did not hear back from either Mr. Bordenkecher or the Buenos Aires FBI liaison. As both men have refused to write me back, I am forced to put up this webpage in the hope that it will finally force an investigation.

Dr. Daniel Powers, the California doctor who falsified my daughter’s MRI, is licensed in nearly every state in the USA and regularly testifies in trials across the country. This puts him under the jurisdiction of the FBI, and therefore he should be investigated by them. As Dr. Powers and his partner in crime, Dr. Stephen M. Dorros, claimed that my daughter’s egregiously abnormal MRI was “100% normal,” it would be simple and straightforward for the FBI to prove fraud by merely confirming that my daughter’s MRI is abnormal. In addition, the crimes committed by German doctors against my daughter, which were consequently covered up by Swiss and U.S. doctors, clearly fit within the criteria of “international/national terrorism” as defined by the FBI; therefore, they should also fall within the FBI’s jurisdiction. Despite these facts, FBI Director Comey has refused to investigate, and has not contacted us or assisted us.

It would appear as if Director Comey’s magnificent speech given at the holocaust memorial contains nothing more than hollow words (

September 23, 2015: The Embassy has responded and said they could not investigate this because we are currently in Uruguay and therefore the crimes are outside of the FBI jurisdiction (see letter below). What they are referring to is that as a U.S. citizen in Uruguay, any crimes I commit are under the jurisdiction of Uruguay. This of course has nothing to do with two doctors in the U.S.A who commit fraud in the U.S.A. against me when I am out of the country or the doctors in three countries who committed an act of international terrorism by trying to murder my daughter, both crimes within the FBI jurisidiction. Once again, the U.S. embassy is trying to lure me into the local hospitals so they can murder my daugher. Below are the letters from me to the U.S. embassy and their response:

ATTN: Consular Officer Corey Bordenkecher re FBI Investigation for Shyloh Sturm

Jake S <>

ttachmentsSep 17 (5 days ago)






to MontevideoACS

Consular Officer Corey Bordenkecher,
Thank you for your time today. Attached is the FBI letter. I am requesting the following, all of which I am entitled to by US law:
1) That the FBI liaison begin an investigation into the fraud committed against my daughter by two US doctors (this fraud is easily provable, as the doctors all claimed that her egregiously abnormal MRI is 100% normal), and the attempted murder of my daughter by German, Swiss, and American doctors (which conforms with all the three criteria of terrorism as defined by the FBI). I want a case ID and a person to contact. I also want the liaison to obtain an honest, accurate reading of my daughter's MRI from one of the FBI forensic analysts or whomever in the FBI can provide such services. Without an honest reading of my daughter's MRI, she cannot get medical care and she may die. This is a matter of life and death, and there is no reason why the US government cannot provide me with this reading . In addition, the reading will prove every allegation I have made and provide the evidence necessary for an investigation.
2) I want a FBI victim assistance officer to work with us in getting an appointment for our daughter with a local hospital (the British hospital is fine) and get a guarantee that she will not be harmed and there will be no problem with her being medicated with hemp with a small amount of cannabis added. She will need appointments with a pediatric neurologist and a pediatric cardiologist. As specialist doctors in three countries conspired to murder her because she was born with brain cancer, she cannot attend these hospital appointments until an honest, accurate reading of her MRI is given. We also insist on being escorted by security--an embassy guard, a marine stationed at the embassy, or any other form of security connected to the US embassy who speaks English and can protect my daughter if there is an attempt to harm her. This is a reasonable request as every specialist doctor who has been involved in our daughter's care has conspired to murder her and hide the evidence of the crimes of their colleagues, and  hospitals in Germany and Switzerland attempted to seize her from us to murder her. If you review the evidence, you will see this is true.

Note: Two German family doctors (who, by German regulations, were not allowed to diagnose her), seeing her violent seizures, gave our daughter legal prescriptions for THC/ cannabis, something they could only legally do if they witnessed and could document that she had a severe, life threatening medical condition. To date, despite having severe epilepsy and cerebral palsy, my two year old daughter has no diagnoses (which can only be given by a specialist doctors, the very ones who conspired to kill her), no medical care, no physical therapy and no way or receiving care.
If you fulfill these requests, all of which my daughter is entitled to as a US citizen, I will ask for nothing more (though, by the department's own mandate, there is far more that we are entitled to and should be given by FBI victim assistance).
The MRI and video detailing and explaining the evidence were left at the embassy's mail drop-off. If for any reason these were misplaced, I can provide a download link for these files.

Please confirm the receipt of the email and please forward me the response of the FBI liaison.

Thank you,

Jake Sturm

Their response:

Montevideo ACS

11:01 AM (8 hours ago)






to me

Dear Mr. Sturm,

We thank you for your email.  As promised, we forwarded your information to the regional FBI office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.   They confirmed receipt and reviewed accordingly and have determined that there is no further action to be taken by that office. 

As a U.S. citizen living in Uruguay, you are bound by the laws that govern this country and can seek additional private medical help, legal counsel, or any other resource offered to you as a visitor.  We are including a link to our website that you might find useful during your stay, which contains lists of lawyers and medical resources, many of which can assist you in English.

If you find yourself interested in returning to the United States but do not have resources to do so, we are happy to work with you to identify methods of accomplishing this, so that your daughter may receive additional medical care and assistance in the United States.


Most respectfully,

Emabassy Signature



NOTE: The person who wrote this was not even brave enough to sign their name. This is always a sign that the contents of the email are a lie and no one wants to be directly connected to the falsehoods.

WARNING: The letter below contains a very graphic description of how German doctors systematically and routinely murder infants born with brain cancer; the doctors’ methods virtually guarantee that no evidence of their crimes will ever be found. The letter was meant for FBI forensic analysts, so they could understand and investigate the modus operandi of the Germans, and know the motives of the American doctors who had falsified my daughter’s MRI.


August 6, 2015

James Comey , Director of the FBI
FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


Dear Mr. Comey,

I am submitting my daughter’s case directly to you because she has been the victim of both national and international medical fraud. In 2013, German doctors secretly attempted to murder my daughter, Shyloh, because she was born with cancer and strokes. Later, American doctors helped cover up their German colleagues’ crimes by falsifying my daughter’s medical reports and test results. I have indisputable evidence of these allegations that would stand up in any court of law, and have included my evidence with this letter. If you were to investigate my daughter’s case, it would quickly become apparent that Germany has an endemic, well-defined protocol to murder disabled infants in their hospitals—with American doctors involved.

Below, I summarize my daughter’s case as a prosecutor would. The documentary [on the included DVD] presents all the evidence. The doctors’ defense can be found in the statements in my daughter’s medical records. I ask that you review both arguments as a judge would, deciding which has veracity.

I will now summarize this rather complicated case for you:

When my wife was seven-months pregnant, she was unable to breathe and was rushed to a hospital in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (where we were living at the time). What we did not know was that my wife’s breathing problems were caused by our daughter, who had stroked in the womb and was violently seizing. Doctors performed an ultrasound that would have shown them a stroke in my daughter’s brain, but they told us our baby was “normal” and sent us home. Later, when my wife went into labor, she had to give birth by cesarean as our daughter’s head was too swollen from the cancer and strokes to pass through the birth canal. Videos of our daughter’s first two months clearly show that she was born with the most severe, life-threatening forms of epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Yet, the doctors still claimed that she was 100% normal and told us they didn’t know why my wife had needed a cesarean.

At two months old, our daughter went into an epileptic coma and was one step from brain death. She was evacuated to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Hospital by emergency helicopter. When Shyloh arrived at the hospital, she was totally non-responsive; yet, the doctors claimed she was “just sleeping” and would do nothing for her. They did perform an ultrasound of her brain, which would have shown them the location of her tumors, the brain herniation (movement of the brain from the tumors), and the strokes. After the brain ultrasound, they recommended doing a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), telling my wife and me that this procedure was to see if she had meningitis. It is well-documented in the medical literature that performing a lumbar puncture on an infant with brain tumors were Shyloh had them is potentially fatal and, therefore, contraindicated in all cases. However, because the doctors did not tell us that our daughter had brain cancer, and because they falsified her medical reports to give the false impression that she was “normal,” we agreed to the procedure. Ultimately, two German hospitals, two German clinics, two German family doctor practices, one Swiss clinic, a U.S. radiologist specializing in court cases, and the Head of Radiology at a major UC-San Diego research hospital all falsified my daughter’s records and reports to hide her cancer and other conditions. Thus, this case exposes an organized, international system to falsify medical records and test reports.

According to my understanding of medical knowledge, when the lumbar puncture is performed in such a way to purposely create a suction that pulls the brain downward and forward onto the bottom of the skull, the basilar artery, which is one of the main arteries supplying blood to the brain, is compressed, cutting off the flow of blood to the brain, leading to massive strokes. The posterior cerebral arteries can also become compressed from this procedure being performed in this manner, leading to even more strokes. In addition, when an infant has primary tumors where Shyloh had them, the procedure performed in any manner causes the brain to collapse onto these tumors, compressing the fourth ventricle, the source of the cerebral-spinal fluid that nourishes the brain, which leads to brain death within a few days. Within 72 hours of the procedure being performed in the manner described above, the lower brain, which controls respiration and heart rate, completely dies, resulting in full brain death. It is clear by the heart monitoring done on Shyloh after the lumbar puncture that doctors were waiting for brain death to occur. But she did not immediately go into brain death as expected. According to her MRI done at three months old, it appears that one of her metastasized tumors had adhered the back of her brain to the skull, preventing the back portion of her brain from collapsing downward into the expected cerebellar tonsilar herniation (a movement of the bottom of the brain into the opening of the skull). When doctors performed an EEG at three days after the procedure, it was confirmed that the procedure did not put her into brain death and had only severely damaged her middle and upper brain. At this point, they released her from the hospital expecting us to return when her brain completely failed (which was inevitable from the compression of the fourth ventricle by the procedure, which is still visible in the three month MRI).

Six days after the procedure was performed, Shyloh went into the final stages of death. As I had worked in hospitals for five years, I recognized that she was dying. My wife and I did not yet know what the German doctors had done to our daughter; all we knew was that, for some odd reason, the doctors had seemed completely blind to her epilepsy and cerebral palsy and had refused to treat her. Since the doctors had done nothing for Shyloh when she last went to the hospital, we decided to let her die at home.

When my daughter started having the final seizures that would lead to death, I wanted to find some way to reduce her suffering. I was able to get her a prescription for pharmaceutical THC from our family doctor. The pharmaceutical THC did help, but it made her cerebral palsy so extreme that she could no longer feed. As I had legal permission from the German government to use medicinal cannabis flowers to treat my sarcoidosis, I substituted them as Shyloh’s source of THC. My only focus was to take my daughter’s immense suffering away—i.e., to give her the palliative care that the German doctors had refused to give her at the hospital. At first, the cannabis stabilized her conditions. But later, as I adjusted the treatment protocol, I learned that upper and lower brain injury responds only to treatment with both THC and CBD, the major medicinal components found in cannabis flowers. Before long, I was able to put Shyloh’s cancer into full remission, treat her strokes, and fully control her epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Her treatment was revolutionary, and a second German doctor specializing in cannabis treatment, who had seen Shyloh’s recovery and could vouch for its effectiveness, gave her a second THC prescription when Shyloh was seven months old. It should be noted that Shyloh is now two years old and fully recovered, which means that the procedures that were performed to kill her were not done on a dying child but instead on a child who had the potential for full recovery, i.e. it was not euthanization but premeditated attempted murder. To my knowledge, Shyloh is the only child in the world who has been successfully treated for her conditions.

When Shyloh was three months old, my wife and I wanted to obtain official permission from the German government to give her cannabis flowers, so we went to a second German hospital, LMU in Munich, to try to get a diagnosis for her (which was required for that permission). Yet, once again, unbeknownst to us, the doctors tried to murder our daughter through another procedure. The doctors could not perform a second lumbar puncture (spinal tap) on her, because the first procedure had collapsed her brain onto the primary tumor and blocked fluid from entering the spinal column. Therefore, they had to take fluid directly from the brain in a procedure called a “ventricular puncture,” which involves sticking a syringe through the skull, several centimeters into the brain, to suck out spinal fluid and induce another stroke.

A ventricular puncture is normally only done under full anesthesia by a skilled neurosurgeon; the doctor who did it to Shyloh was a pediatrician [Sita Javeri M.D.]. This doctor lied to us, telling us that she would be performing a “blood draw” on Shyloh. Instead, she brought our daughter into a locked room and performed the ventricular puncture without our permission, and without any form of anesthesia. We heard our daughter screaming in a way we have never heard anyone scream before; it sounded as if our daughter was being butchered alive. (Shyloh still has PTSD from the incident.) I rushed to the room, just when they were bringing her out (they took my daughter immediately after I left the ward to perform an errand, I returned in the last seconds of the procedure). She had blood covering her hair and scalp, and there was a puncture wound on her front fontanel (medically, there is no other procedure done at that location except a ventricular puncture). My wife demanded to know what had happened—as there were also bruises and scrapes on the tops of Shyloh’s hands, with no signs of any “blood draw” on her body—but neither the nurses nor the doctors would tell us anything. Dr. Javeri said only, “Don’t worry, babies don’t remember pain.”
Miraculously, Shyloh survived this second murder attempt. There is no question that her cannabis medicine had kept her alive. When she was still breathing 24 hours after the ventricular puncture, the LMU doctors removed her from the cannabis to verify that it was keeping her alive. Within a few hours, they witnessed Shyloh going into massive, life-threatening seizures; in addition, they saw her cerebral palsy becoming so severe that she could no longer feed. After three doctors and one nurse collectively observed Shyloh’s seizures for at least 20 minutes, two doctors [Dr. Javeri and Dr. Borgraffe] ordered us to give Shyloh her cannabis medicine again (a fact they would later omit from their falsified medical reports). Shortly after, they witnessed Shyloh’s seizures subsiding from the cannabis. Thus, clearly the doctors knew that it was keeping her alive.

Obviously, Shyloh’s cannabis treatment, and her uncanny ability to survive multiple murder attempts, made the doctors curious as to what was going on in her brain. They ordered the previously mentioned MRI for her, but then falsified its report, claiming that everything in her brain was completely normal. There is little question that their falsification was not only meant to conceal Shyloh’s medical conditions, but to prevent a forensic review of her MRI—which would reveal the procedures they had used to try to murder her (if you were to view the first 25 minutes of the enclosed documentary about my daughter’s case, it would quickly become apparent that her MRI is abnormal and that its report was falsified). After Shyloh’s MRI was taken, the doctors desperately tried to get her to stay in the hospital over a long holiday weekend. Likely, this was a ploy to finally kill her. However, my wife and I suspected something was awry, and we left the hospital immediately.

Shyloh’s survival occurred due to a very unique confluence of events: 1) a tumor had prevented the doctors’ procedures from working immediately, and 2) her parents had access to cannabis medicine that kept her alive without help of the medical system. If Shyloh had died within 72 hours of the doctors’ first murder procedure, as was supposed to happen, there would have been no indication or proof of the doctors’ crimes. The current medical system offers a foolproof method of infanticide, surely developed over decades to be invisible to hospital staff or parents. There is no question that tens of thousands of children have died in this system over the past several decades. The current modern system is identical to the old Nazi system of killing disabled infants with Luminol, exposed at the end of WWII, which was also invisible to parents and medical staff, and so is clearly a continuation of that program. By reviewing the evidence in my daughter’s MRI, documentary, and falsified medical reports, you will find this entire system of post-birth infanticide revealed.

When German doctors learned that our daughter was still alive at seven months, they realized they had to do something to eliminate her before she exposed their entire system of murder. Because the doctors had falsified all of Shyloh’s medical records, they knew that we could never officially prove that she was sick. And by not giving Shyloh a diagnosis, the German doctors could also discredit the two family doctors who had prescribed THC for her, claiming their prescriptions were “unnecessary.” They could then seize Shyloh on charges of “giving cannabis to a minor,” forcibly removing her from her medicine and killing her. The LMU doctors who had witnessed my daughter’s violent seizures and inability to feed without medicine, were also the same doctors who had recommended that she be removed from her medicine (see the LMU medical reports). Swiss doctors also wanted her taken off her medicine, even after seeing her EEGs and videos of cerebral palsy and epilepsy (including a video showing how Shyloh cannot feed when untreated). Thus, doctors in two countries intentionally tried to remove Shyloh from medicine that they knew was keeping her alive.

Therefore, to finally end Shyloh’s life, LMU doctors made a “physical therapy” appointment for her. In truth, the appointment was with two psychologists specializing in drug abuse and neglect. As I have a degree in psychology and have spent years working with abused children, I knew immediately that this was an intervention to seize Shyloh (on claims that her cannabis medicine was “unnecessary”), take her off her medicine, and kill her. Given what the LMU doctors had written in my daughter’s secret, falsified “draft” report (a copy of which I managed to obtain and have included, fully translated, with this letter), they were going to claim that “cannabis withdrawal” had killed my daughter. Ironically, Shyloh’s medicine is made mostly from hemp, which is legal to give to an infant in Germany without a prescription. I added a very small amount of low-THC cannabis to her hemp medicine to control her epilepsy, which created a similar THC to CBD ratio as the cannabis used for epileptic children in Colorado. Shyloh’s THC blood levels, which were measured without our permission by LMU doctors, fell into the very low range and, according to the LMU doctors’ own written comments, was not expected to have any psychotropic effects. Such a low concentration of THC in Shyloh’s blood was what one would expect with a concentrated hemp medicine. Therefore, such treatment did not even require a doctor’s prescription or permission, as the final product’s THC levels never exceeded that of hemp; there were never any legal grounds for the doctors to recommend removing Shyloh from her medicine.

We left Germany, hoping to get medical care for our daughter in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the Swiss doctors also lied to us about our daughter’s condition, likely to protect their German colleagues and to hide a similar program in Switzerland that kills disabled children. Desperate, we contacted Dr. Daniel Powers in San Diego, USA, who specializes in second-opinion MRI readings for court cases, and who is licensed in 48 states. We asked him for an honest reading of our daughter’s MRI, so we could protect her from the German doctors and finally get her medical treatment. Dr. Powers completed his report in cooperation with Dr.  Stephen Dorros, MD, Head of Radiology at the University of California-San Diego hospital; both doctors supported their German colleagues by fraudulently claiming that Shyloh’s MRI was 100% “normal.” As her MRI is obviously abnormal, Dr. Powers and Dr. Dorros, who took $450 in payment from me for the MRI reading and then provided me with a false report, committed fraud with the intent to cover up the attempted murder of my daughter.

It is this fraud that I would like you to investigate. As Dr. Powers has testified in many important legal cases, it is imperative that the FBI investigate him immediately. As Dr. Dorros is the Head of Radiology at UC-San Diego, his records falsification puts patients’ lives in grave danger, and so he, too, must also be immediately investigated. I am certain that if you were to do this, your investigation would quickly reveal that medical records falsification is endemic across the USA. This is supported by my own medical case. I was a US Army officer and a veteran of the First Gulf War, where I was exposed to sarin gas, a deadly neurotoxin. That exposure caused me to develop systemic sarcoidosis, a condition resembling slow-growing cancer. I can prove that in 1994 Army doctors falsified my medical records to hide my illness, so I would not be able to get a medical discharge. I can also prove that doctors lied to me about my condition for 18 years. In 2010 a Montana doctor claimed my brain MRI was “normal,” though the MRI actually shows a brain and skull riddled with sarcoid tumors. It was only in 2011 that I learned the truth, when a doctor accidentally told me that I had sarcoidosis (but, after her realized his mistake, he only admitted to the sarcoids in my lungs, and I still have never been officially diagnosed despite a biopsy that conclusively shows sarcoids in my lungs). I also have CT scans that were falsified. My medical records prove conclusively that report falsification is systemic in the medical field; I can also provide you with a copy of my tests and reports, if necessary.

I would like to finish this letter with something that I have no direct evidence of, but which, by the preponderance of evidence, is a logical conclusion. Newborns with brain injury die slowly, resulting in systemic organ death that makes their organs unusable for donation. It is also difficult for infants to go into full brain death because the skull bones are not fused and so as the brain swells, the skull expands, preventing the usual brain death from occurring. These problems, combined with the fact that infants can only get organs from other infants, means that there is a large shortage of infant donor organs. Performing a procedure that puts an infant into brain death quickly—such as a lumbar puncture performed on a child with brain cancer like my daughter had—would allow for the easy harvesting of organs. (as brain cancer is almost always confined to the skull, all other organs remain healthy and useable). Thus, if one were to draw conclusions from the Planned Parenthood case currently in the news, these secret post-birth abortions of sick children are likely being done to harvest organs for donation. This would explain why neither German hospital performed any procedures on my daughter to bring her to complete death; rather, they performed ones that led to a slow and carefully controlled descent into brain death. As a person needs to be free from any drugs before donation can occur, this is likely another reason the LMU doctors took Shyloh off the cannabis medicine (but, like at the other hospital, she would not go past an epileptic coma, and so they put her back on the medicine to do the MRI a few days later to see why she kept surviving the procedures).

My wife and I would welcome an interview with the FBI over the details of this case. Unfortunately, even with our daughter’s two German THC prescriptions, US Federal Law makes it illegal for me to administer cannabis flowers, and I believe even hemp flowers, to a sick infant. (From my daughter’s case, it is clear that prohibition’s true purpose was—and still is—to prevent patients with serious medical conditions from getting the only medicine that can treat them: cannabis). Federal Law makes it illegal to keep my daughter alive in the U.S., and prevents me and my family from entering a U.S. embassy or any other U.S. territory. We would, of course, welcome an interview outside of U.S. territory. If you are willing to arrange this, please contact me by email.

With this letter, I have enclosed an English translation of my daughter’s German medical records (the translation has a few omissions and minor errors, it is sufficient for an understanding of the case but could not be used in court). In addition, you will find copies of all relevant DVDs and other evidence. As the attached letters indicate, we have been seeking justice for our daughter through every means available to us. Her case is currently pending in the U.N human rights council. We hope you will help us to save the thousands of children like my daughter by investigating this case properly.

Thank you for your time,


Jake Sturm

Letter to President Obama requesting an FBI investigation


January 1, 2016

Dear President Obama,

My daughter, Shyloh Sturm, a U.S. citizen who was born severely disabled with cancer, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy (infantile spasms/West Syndrome) in Germany, has been the victim of hate crimes committed by doctors in both Germany and the USA. Doctors in Germany attempted to murder Shyloh because they perceived her as being Jewish due to her Jewish last name, and also because she was severely disabled. These attempts on her life appear to be a continuation of the Nazi program to exterminate disabled infants and children, especially non-German children. Two doctors in the USA falsified my daughter’s MRI to hide the murder attempts committed by German doctors and, due to the severity of Shyloh’s disabilities, to make certain that she could not get the medical care needed to keep her alive (my wife and I provided the care and medicine needed to treat our daughter, and she is now in full recovery).

I sent indisputable evidence of the doctors’ crimes by registered express mail to FBI director, James B. Comey, asking him to investigate. I made it clear in my letter that every day these crimes are not investigated, more innocent children are killed. When Mr. Comey did not respond to my letter, I went to my local embassy (I am currently in Uruguay) to contact the South American FBI liaison. The American embassy in Uruguay informed me that the FBI will not investigate these crimes, and the embassy will not provide any protection for my daughter, despite multiple murder attempts by doctors in three countries (Germany, Switzerland, and the USA). I have contacted my senator (Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York), asking her to petition the FBI to investigate these crimes, but she has not responded to my request.

As President of the United States of America, you are required to enforce the laws of the legislative branch, including US code18 U.S., § 249 – Hate Crime Acts. As my family was living in Europe, across a national border, when we requested the MRI reading from American doctors, their crime of hiding my daughter’s illness by falsifying her MRI to kill her by denial of medical care falls within the Federal Hate Crimes Act and is not within any state jurisdiction.

Below is the letter I sent to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, which details the case. Clearly, there is an international system of falsifying medical records to deny medical care to specific groups of disabled children and adults. It is done by denying patients a diagnosis and hiding their illnesses through falsification of medical test reports and records. Both my daughter’s case, as well as my own, prove that this system is literally killing thousands across the USA and the world on a daily basis. As President of the United States of America, it is your role to protect the citizens of the USA. All I ask is for a fair, honest review of the evidence I submitted to the FBI. If what I am saying is untrue, then the FBI should have no difficulty disproving my claims. On the other hand, if my accusations are accurate, which they are, then the FBI and the US government are required by law to protect its citizens by fully investigating and prosecuting these crimes. Please, fulfill your role as president and initiate an investigation immediately. Every day these crimes go uninvestigated, more children die.

Thank you for your valuable time,


Jake Sturm

Dear Senator Gillibrand,

Several months ago, I gave evidence to the FBI that an act of terror was committed against a U.S. citizen (my infant daughter) in Germany and that two U.S. doctors committed an act of fraud within the USA to cover up these crimes. The FBI responded by stating that they will not investigate either of these crimes. As you are my Senator, I am writing to ask that you help me get the FBI to investigate these charges in order to protect my daughter.

When my daughter Shyloh was born in Germany with brain cancer and severe brain injury from the cancer, German doctors made two attempts to murder her in two different German hospitals. This is obviously a continuation of the sophisticated secret program to murder disabled children that ran in German hospitals during the Nazi era. As the ward where my wife and daughter were placed in the second hospital contained only foreigners (virtually all were Muslims; my last name would tell a German that I am of Jewish decent), it is also likely that the Germans are also secretly continuing their programs of ethnic cleansing. As I said, I have evidence of everything I am saying.

A central part of the protocol they currently use to murder disabled children in hospitals is to deny medical care to these children by not diagnosing them. While I could get two German family doctors to verbally agree my daughter was deathly ill and having over 100 seizures a day, neither were allowed to diagnose her. Only specialist doctors can diagnose a patient, and in my daughter’s case the specialist doctors would not under any condition diagnose her as it would have meant that she was eligible for special care and it would have also made it difficult to hide their attempts to murder her. As part of hiding her illness, doctors falsified Shyloh’s brain MRI report and claimed it was normal (the MRI has gross abnormalities that even someone with no medical training can easily see). In addition, the MRI was also falsified because it contains evidence of the German doctors’ attempts to murder my daughter. I sent this MRI for a second opinion to one of the largest trial doctors in the USA. This doctor, in collusion with the head of radiology from University of San Diego, also falsified the MRI report, claiming it was normal. This is a serious act of fraud that occurred in the USA and is well within the jurisdiction of the FBI. I believe that this might also be within the scope of a congressional investigation, as this is obviously part of a much larger problem that threatens the lives of people living in the USA.

While one would like to think that these are isolated cases, I can prove through my own medical records that withholding treatment by not diagnosing a patient is a routine practice. I served as an officer in the U.S. Army. In Operation Desert Storm I was exposed to Sarin gas (two, possibly three chemical alarms went off while I was on guard duty on the perimeter of our position). For twenty years I saw doctors who told me all my tests were normal (as they did with my daughter), and therefore they could not diagnose me with any medical condition. Without a diagnosis, I could never got appropriate treatment. Over two decades the disease slowly advanced, destroying every part of my body, while doctors silently watched, each fully knowing my diagnosis but never speaking it. Finally, in 2011, one doctor slipped and told me I had sarcoidosis (this was confirmed by a biopsy). As my symptoms at the time of diagnosis were identical to the ones I had twenty years earlier when I first became sick, it is clear that sarcoidosis is the underlying cause of my mysterious “Gulf War Illness.” As body scans and other tests were done back in 1993 by the US Army that would have seen the granulomas from my sarcoidosis, there is no question it was known that I had the condition in 1993. As with my daughter, it was hidden from me. Dozens of doctors over twenty years upheld the lies of their colleagues and continued to hide my illness from me, until the one doctor who had accidently told me the truth. Like my daughter, I also have a falsified MRI, this one from a Montana neurologist, saying everything is normal, when in truth there are sarcoid lesions (similar to cancer tumors) throughout my skull and the membranes of my brain. At the time of the MRI in 2010 I had less than a year to live without treatment.

Fortunately, despite not knowing the source of my illness, I obtained a prescription for medicinal cannabis in 2011, which treated my sarcoidosis symptoms and has kept me alive (in Montana, where I was living at the time, I was registered in the state medical cannabis program; in Germany I was also enrolled in the German government’s program). It was this knowledge of cannabis that led me to get prescriptions from the two family doctors for dronabinol, pharmaceutical THC, so I could medicate my daughter legally with cannabis until I could get full German governmental permission. If you have any doubt about the veracity of my story, you should know that these two doctor prescriptions for THC could not have been given to a 2-month-old infant in Germany unless the child was fatally ill with a catastrophic illness. I am scientist with university degrees in Psychology, Physics, and Computer Science, and I studied pre-med in college. My wife has a PhD. We worked together to adjust the medicine until we found cannabis strains that treated our daughter’s cancer, strokes, epilepsy, cerebral palsy. She is now over two years old and has only delays in language and self-feeding. To my knowledge, she is the only child in human history to be treated for congenital brain cancer.  Unfortunately, if I bring her to any hospital in the world, they will try to murder her and hide this treatment. which is clearly proven by the evidence that I have (the second German hospital that saw my daughter, LMU in Munich--which has the special ward for foreigners--is one of the largest research hospitals in all of Europe).

As one of the cannabis strains that keeps my daughter Shyloh alive comes from north of India and had to be specially grown by me, I cannot travel with her to the USA as I cannot enter the country with her special medicine (“Charlotte’s Strain” from Colorado does not treat my daughter). Also, cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug, and so if I were to step on US soil with my daughter, who is being medicated with her special strain of life-saving cannabis (she cannot live beyond a month without the medicine, due to the severity of her epilepsy), I would be committing a federal crime. Therefore, as I cannot return to the US or even enter a US embassy with my daughter, I am currently residing in Uruguay--but my permanent legal address is still in NY, as it has been since 1972.

I can either send you a package with all the evidence, or you can view it online at the following pages.

In the link below, you can see my letters to the FBI and my correspondence with the US Embassy in Uruguay, whose officials refused to offer protection for my daughter. If you were to read the embassy’s response, you will see that the FBI and US Embassy personnel are not refusing to help my daughter because they don’t believe us (indeed, our evidence is black-and-white and indisputable); rather, they are simply claiming that because I am outside the US in Uruguay, the crimes committed in the USA by the two California doctors and the acts of terror committed by the doctors in Germany should be investigated by authorities in Uruguay. This is of course ludicrous--the American doctors are certainly under the jurisdiction of the FBI for medical fraud committed in the USA, and the German doctors should also be considered under their jurisdiction as their crimes meet the FBI’s criteria for terrorism against a US citizen.

I have put together a crude video presenting the evidence of the case. As a lawyer, you will see that the evidence of crimes being committed is irrefutable, and if it were presented to an honest judge he would have no doubt that the MRI is abnormal and there is a conspiracy. The video can be viewed here:

You can also see the details of my case and an excellent summary of how the medical system hides their crimes at this page:

If you want to see the cannabis treatment protocol I am using, which I would say is at least a century ahead of what they are doing in Colorado, you can see that here:

And finally, if you want to see the medical protocol for murdering children with Cerebral Palsy, you can read this page:

All I am asking is that the FBI forensics team review my daughter’s MRI. If my allegations are untrue, then provide proof from the medical literature that my interpretation of my daughter’s MRI is incorrect. If the allegations are true, then I ask the FBI to do a full investigation to end this slaughter of innocent children.

If the FBI can put hundreds of agents onto a California case that involves one act of terrorism, cannot they put one forensics expert on this case long enough to read the MRI and stop the acts of terrorism that are occurring right in front of us, every single day?

As I wrote to the FBI, the day will come when my daughter’s case will be presented in an international court. Senator, how will this court and history see you?

Thank you for your time.

Jake Sturm