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This documentary, “How They Control Your Mind,” reveals the true purpose of the NSA database system: total control of the masses. The documentary explains how information on the Internet is carefully monitored and manipulated to respond to the impulses of users. Without knowing it, we are guided through the virtual world by invisible puppet masters who shape and control our realities for diabolical ends. With the flip of a switch, they can create Arab Springs or incite race wars. Now you can watch how it happens.

I created this documentaryin March 2015, but never had time to finish it. However, with the recent release of the news story about the U.S. Government’s massive data collection operation (, I decided to compile this video in rough cut and get it up immediately.

This film is an epilogue to the documentary “Shyloh’s Story,”, which chronicled how doctors in three countries attempted to murder my daughter Shyloh because she was born with cancer. “Shyloh’s Miracle” details how her metastasized brain cancer, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and strokes were all treated EXCLUSIVELY by cannabis, with no Western pharmaceuticals or surgical intervention. The documentary also provides irrefutable proof that the Western medical system is a total fraud that has been murdering millions.

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How Information is Controlled on the Internet

To show how information on the Internet is intentionally hidden or manipulated, let us look at clinical depression. Research over the last two decades has shown that clinical depression is nothing more than a symptom of untreated temporal lobe epilepsy.

Yet, if you search in Google on “clinical depression causes,” you get endless web pages like Mayo Clinic’s site listing the following causes of depression:  biological differences [parts of the brain are smaller in clinically depressed people], brain chemistry, hormones, inherited traits, and life events ( You could search on “depression” for days and probably never find a connection between depression and temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) on the Internet.

Clinical Depression Causes

Now change your search just slightly, and enter this into Google: “clinical depression temporal lobe epilepsy.” Hundreds of web pages suddenly appear showing that clinical depression is actually a symptom of TLE. For example, here is a quote from one page:

“In 1951, Gibbs identified a high incidence of psychopathology among TLE patients, in the form of Schiziphreniform psychosis. Symptoms attributed to this behavior are depression, anxiety, paranoid ideation and dissociation. If TLE is occurring in the left hemisphere, patients were shown to be predisposed for schizophrenia and paranoic ideation, whereas TLE in the right hemisphere showed a predisposition for affective disorder.”

And there is this quote:

“Depression in temporal lobe epilepsy has been established as a frequent occurrence…”

Clinical Depression Temporal Lobe Epilpesy


What you just saw is how information on the Internet is carefully crafted to shape our minds, allowing us to see only what the elites wants us to see. Every mental health website on the Internet, without exception, is concealing the true cause of clinical depression: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. The Mental Health Industry does not want patients to know that “mental illness” is actually an outdated, 19th century theory based on a complete misunderstanding of the human brain—as that would mean that psychiatry, with its useless pharmaceuticals, would need to be abandoned as quack science (just as eugenics and phrenology were).

But more importantly, if patients knew that their clinical depression was actually physically caused (i.e., from temporal lobe damage, not from some nebulous event during childhood), the Mental Health Industry, with its annual trillion-dollar profits, would become irrelevant overnight, psychiatry would be exposed as the fraud that it is, and depressed patients would be able to easily and simply treat their condition with cannabis or other anti-seizure medications (though no medication works as well as cannabis, which was bred for thousands of years to treat epileptic shamans).

So how does the Mental Health Industry get away with lying to us?

When elites design the medical websites, they carefully study patient searches, identifying the exact words used by patients who are trying to find information about their diseases and symptoms. Once website designers have identified all possible search combinations, they make sure that patients only receive information that has been prepared and pre-approved by the Mental Health Industry for mass-dissemination. This is done by carefully crafting the webpage’s contents, including every keyword used in the text, so that the appropriate pages come up in searches. Carefully crafting links on the page also funnel patients to the appropriate pages. By using the most common search criteria for depression, patients never learn anything that psychiatrists don’t want them to know. These methods are used in every corporate webpage on the entire Internet. In this way, the Internet has become the perfect propaganda machine. It creates the illusion that we are getting information from many sources (different websites), when in truth all information is coming from just one heavily controlled source (ie, the Internet). This creates the illusion of control and choice—one of the most essential elements of a totalitarian police state, such as that built by the Nazis and Western oligarchs in the early 20th century.

Remember, it is not the information that you are receiving that is important. Rather, it is the information that they are hiding from you.

Patients would normally do our first search: “depression, causes.” However, that search will never reveal the true cause of their depression. Doctors know that patients must use an advanced search, with the terms “depression, temporal lobe damage,” to get any honest information. Such advanced searches are commonly used by doctors, who already know that depression is caused by temporal lobe epilepsy, but never used by patients. These advanced searches return pages written in highbrow, convoluted English, filled with arcane Latin medical terms known only to the Medical Establishment. One enters the web pages as if entering the hallowed halls of an exclusive club. The information within is comprehensible only to a select few, those highly educated medical elites who are otherwise invisible to the population, but who decide whether each one of us is to live or die.

Note: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy websites invariably use the term “depression” instead of “clinical depression”—this is another way to prevent psychiatric patients, falsely diagnosed with “clinical depression,” from wandering into TLE websites and discovering the true cause of their illness. As in 1984, by controlling the dictionary, the definition of words, one can shape truth into anything one wishes.

If you were to research most illnesses on the Internet, you would quickly see that there are two sets of information for every disease: the official, fictitious version meant for patients; and a second, truthful version meant only for doctors (carefully hidden behind convoluted English and complicated medical-speak). It is likely that there is also a third, hidden set of information, accessed only by password protected websites, containing the entirety of the Western Medical System’s secret, hoarded information about us—all the truth they have removed from our falsified medical and test reports, or gleaned from decades of secret, unethical patient experimentation.

No patient whose disease is being hidden by doctors will ever find its cause by doing an Internet search on their symptoms. Searches for my daughter Shyloh’s symptoms never returned cancer as a possible cause. However, once cancer had been honestly and accurately identified in her MRI, a search on her symptoms, along with “brain cancer,” turned up hundreds of links. We must know Truth in the first place, before we can find it on the Internet. That is the Catch-22. And so they must keep Truth from us at all costs.

FACT: All information on the Internet is carefully controlled by elites. Any websites that give truthful (i.e., unapproved) information are not catalogued properly by search engines. If one were to compare websites on a mainstream topic, it will quickly become apparent that all available information is essentially the same. “Conservative,” “liberal,” and “moderate” news agencies all report the same stories, but from different perspectives. These news agencies also communally ignore the same stories (for evidence, just look at foreign news coverage). This means that there must be a central authority controlling all news and Internet content. It must also mean that “freedom of choice” is just an illusion and tyranny rules.

NOTE: All environmental "causes" listed in patient websites for clinical depression are actually triggers for temporal lobe seizures in people who have been injured in that part of the brain. These triggers result in chemical and physical changes that can lead to severe emotional states (i.e., depression, panic attacks, hallucinations, etc.). It has been noted that there are physical differences in the brain of the “clinically depressed” person. This is likely due to damage caused by long-term, untreated temporal lobe seizures(it is likely that ayahuasca heals these injuries, which would explain why it gives such a dramatic relief in symptoms for depression (temporal lobe) and addiction (frontal lobe)) . All self-destructive behavior—cutting, head-banging, suicide attempts, “obsessive-compulsive disorder,” etc.—ar almost certainly automatisms resulting from the severity of seizures. In Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a person relives traumatic memories: the memories are being triggered by seizures that lead to the traumatic event recurring in the person's mind with all the accompanying terror. Many war veterans suffer from traumatic head injury that leads to the type of temporal lobe injuries that cause seizures that effect memory. People with temporal lobe epilepsy (i.e., people who have had damage to the temporal lobes from IEDs, falls, car accidents,high fevers in utero or within the first thre years, etc.) are especially vulnerable to stressful situations, as they can cause seizures that may create altered cognitive (mental) states  (i.e., depression, severe anxiety, etc.). Cannabis controls these seizures, bringing back a normal mental state—while allowing for full access to the creativity that is so unique to the epileptic mind. It should be noted that the epileptic’s “normal” on cannabis is what the average person experiences normally without it. (Just as insulin brings a diabetic patient back to “normal.”) Hemp with small amounts of cannabis is the best medicine to treat these disorders.

NOTE: Nearly all so-called “mental illnesses” are actually easily treatable seizure disorders of the brain. “Depression,” “anxiety disorder,” “bipolar disorder” are all caused by right (and possibly also left) temporal lobe injury; “schizophrenia” is from left temporal lobe injury. Addiction is the result of frontal lobe injury. These conditions are usually caused by some kind of traumatic brain injury—difficult forceps delivery, a bad fall, physical abuse with blows to the head, IED concussion, car accident, etc. The injuries lead to increased electrical activity—seizures—that cause altered thoughts and emotions. Patients needn’t plumb the depths of their past to uncover the alleged “cause” of their depression or addiction. Rather, they just need to treat themselves with cannabis, known for over 5,000 years to be the most effective medicine for treating seizure disorders without affecting one’s connection to God and creativity.  The shamans, poets, mystics, artists, philosophers, writers, musicians, visionaries: you have, literally, extraordinary minds. You are not broken. You are very special.

 P.S.: Psychiatry is a complete fraud.

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